Today’s wholesale distribution companies’ outlook is still a very challenging one. The retail-wholesale distribution industry with its complexity and constant changes makes growth and profitability a target difficult to hit. The wholesale distribution industry is considered one of the more complex industries because of the high number of SKUs, suppliers, customers and transactions, and the complex structures for pricing and rebates.

At DSK Profitable Wisdom we recognize the fact that online retail has changed the retail distribution market dramatically and will continue to do so. This has several financial repercussions, from the costs associated with digital marketing to the different elements of selling online, like higher demand on discounts, a more diverse competition with many small retailers popping up every day and a pressure to reduce shipping costs.

On top of today’s market challenges, financial pressures continue to be the main issue for wholesale distributors, particularly in the areas of pricing, rebates and chargebacks, sourcing, and supply chain management. The goal is always to improve margins and profits.

How DSK Profitable Wisdom can help

At DSK Profitable Wisdom we help companies reach success by finding opportunities to reduce cost, increase revenue and grow profitability. We analyze your company’s finances and business practices and develop strategic plans to avoid pitfalls and ensure your business is on the right track. Our team has many years of experience establishing success strategies and growth programs in retail distribution businesses, from the small to the very large national brands.

From grocery to fashion, across all retail distribution segments, information and analytics are more available than ever before. Our job as your trusted advisors is to help you figure out what matters and demands attention.

We help find the right approach with plans that are deeply customized, establishing actionable implementation steps that our clients can follow to achieve goals and expectations. We uncover insights that work for our clients.